CAESAR Howitzer 155mm


WEAPON NAME CAESAR (CAmion Equipe d’un Systeme d’ARtillerie) Self-Propelled Howitzer 155mm

The Caesar is a 155 mm/52-calibre gun-howitzer installed on a 6X6 truck chassis. The CAESAR platform was developed by the former GIAT Industries (now known as Nexter) and is operated by French and other armies since 2009 in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Mali and current operation in Sahel, Iraq, in Middle-East and East Asia. → nexter-group.fr/caesar-6x6


CAESAR Howitzer LG1 105mm Towed Gun (FR)

The LG1 105mm Towed Gun, manufactured by Nexter, can fire salvos of six rounds in less than 15 seconds at ranges p 17 kilometers with good accuracy. Suited for rapid reaction forces, requiring a highly deployable fire support capability with limited maintenance requirement, the LG1 is able to operate in GPS denied environment. → nexter-group.fr/105-LG1


UNIMOG OM 366 Diesel Engine + UNIMOG U2450-chassis (DE)

The CAESAR gun is built on a Unimog 6x6 U2450 cross-country truck chassis. UNIMOG trucks are used by many armed forces and spare parts and logistic support are available in most parts of the world. The engine of the Caesar is a Mercedes-Benz LA 6 cylinder turbocharged diesel developing 240 hp at 2,600 rpm. → armirecognition.com


CAESAR Howitzer 155mm: Nexter, Roanne, FRANCE → nexter-group.com

LG1 105mm Towed Gun: Nexter, Roanne, FRANCE → nexter-group.com
UNIMOG U2450-chassis, UNIMOG OM 366 Diesel Engine: Daimler AG now Mercedes Benz, Wörth am Rhein, GERMANY → daimler.com


In July 2006, Giat Industries (now Nexter) announced an export contract for 76 of its CAESAR artillery systems. While Giat would not confirm the customer, Agence-France Presse reported that they were destined for Saudi Arabia. Since the July 21/06 defense cooperation agreement signed with France, a number of deals to Saudi Arabia have fallen through or been delayed indefinitely. In September 2011, Saudi Arabia placed an order worth $210 million for an additional 32 CAESAR weapon systems. Deliveries under order reportedly began in late 2013. This order was in addition to the 100 CAESAR systems already fielded by the Saudi Arabian National Guard. Nexter reportedly completed final deliveries under the follow-on order during the first half of last year. The French government continues to supply the weapon: no less than 129 CAESARs are due to be delivered to Saudi Arabia between now and 2023. (armyrecognition.com, Apr. 2018)

Transfer of CAESAR Howitzer from France to Saudi Arabia

CAESAR 155mm Self-propelled gun 2006 80 2010-2011 80 For National Guard
CAESAR 155mm Self-propelled gun 2009 20 20011 20 For National Guard
CAESAR 155mm Self-propelled gun 2011 32 2013-2015 21 €169 m deal; assembled from kits in Saudi Arabia
CAESAR 155mm Self-propelled gun 2018 24 2018 24

Transfer of CAESAR components from Germany to France

OM-366 Diesel Engine 2006 80 2010-2011 80 For 80 CAESAR self-propelled guns from France
OM-366 Diesel Engine 2009 20 2011 20 For 20 CAESAR self-propelled guns from France
OM-366 Diesel Engine 2011 32 2013-2014 32 For 32 CAESAR self-propelled guns from France
OM-366 Diesel Engine 2018 24 2018 24 For 24 CAESAR self-propelled guns from France

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have stated their aims to pursue world-class weapons production capabilities. In both instances they have sought to jump-start the process by launching joint ventures with established firms and by creating national companies (SAMI in Saudi Arabia and EDGE in the UAE) to coordinate these markets. The Saudis have a very challenging target to meet: Vision 2030’s aim is to produce 50 percent of all defense materials in the kingdom. Most arms producing nations fall into this category. It includes most of the NATO nations as well as established arms producers such as Turkey and Brazil. Countries with this level of expertise can produce capable aircraft, armored vehicles, adaptable artillery systems such as the French CAESAR, and a variety of missiles. (arabcenterdc.org, Jul. 2020)

IDENTIFICATION “Advanced devices” to monitor the Houthi movement (May 15, 2015)
Caesar-Howitzer-155mm-youtube CAESAR Howitzer 155mm at min. 0:13
GEOLOCATION Jabal Al Sudais militari base, Najran, Saudi Arabia → 17°26’49.5”N 44°12’28.1”E
Caesar-Howitzer-155mm-geolocation-satellite Satellite Image, Apple Maps
Caesar-Howitzer-155mm-geolocation-wikimapia Wikimapia

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