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The Ministry for Justice produces reports with information on the value of export licences granted, disaggregated by recipient country, category of weapon and type of recipient (defence, security, industry and ‘other’). Statistics on exports of military equipment available at: → Ministry of Justice

Denmark announced the suspension of arms exports to the United Arab Emirates and the withdrawal of export permits approved by the Danish government. The decision comes as a result of the UAE’s involvement in the conflict in Yemen, according to Denmark’s foreign minister, Anders Samuelsen.
Denmark followed Germany last November 2018 and suspended future arms exports to Saudi Arabia over the kingdom’s role in the war in Yemen and the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2 October. Danish exports of military gear and arms to the UAE in the last five years amounted to more than 210 million kroner ($32m) worth.
(Middle East Eye, Jan. 2019)

A series of Danish investigations published on Danwatch accused the country’s largest arms manufacturer of war crimes in Yemen. The report, which is based on information gathered from intelligence reports, public access requests, satellite imagery, television and interviews, found that Danish arms manufacturer Terma had continued to supply radar and missile defence systems to the UAE which were later used in the civil war in Yemen. Sales from Terma continued beyond 22 November 2018, despite a decision by Denmark and other European states to block arms exports to Saudi Arabia and the UAE as a result of their involvement in Yemen.
(Middle East Monitor, May 2019)

Transfer of major weapons from Denmark to United Arab Emirates / 2010-2019

Scanter-2001 Sea Search Radar 2004 6 2011-2017 6 For 6 Baynunah corvettes from France

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