Burkan-2H Missile


WEAPON NAME Burkan-2H Missile

The Burkan-2H is a mobile short-range ballistic missile used by the Houthis militants in Yemen. It is very similar to the Iranian Qiam Missile (part of the Scud family), with about 12m of height. Beginning around 2017, Iran begun transferring Qiam-1 missiles to Yemen’s Houthi militants as the “Burkan-2H”. 11 On July 22, 2017, Houthi rebels fired a Burkan-2H missile for the first time, targeting an oil refining facility in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. → missilethreat.csis.org




The Houthis’ most pressing objective has been to force an end to the Arab coalition’s military intervention and survive as the de facto governing power in Yemen. The Houthis have used missile and drone attacks to serve these goals by raising the military and economic costs for the coalition to continue its intervention. They have also used missile attacks as a political and propaganda tool to shore up domestic support and weaken the morale of the Saudi civilian populace. Objectively, the Houthi use of its longer-range ballistic missiles, such as the Burkan series, has produced limited military success. Of hundreds of launches, only seven resulted in significant coalition losses. Missile and drone attacks against Saudi economic targets have also failed to meaningfully impact Saudi oil production or rattle oil markets in a lasting way. Yet the Houthis’ determined use of ballistic missiles has had secondary effects. Attacks into Saudi Arabia have tied-up coalition airpower into extensive “Scud-hunting” efforts, resources it could have employed elsewhere. While limited in kinetic impact, Houthi missile attacks against civilian areas deep in Saudi Arabia have been a source of political embarrassment for the Saudi government and raised the stakes for it to find a speedy resolution to the conflict. As Houthi attacks on oil infrastructure have become more precise, the potential for them to cause greater havoc on production may have also increased the urgency for Saudi Arabia to find an off-ramp from the conflict. across the Middle East. (missilethreat.com, Jun. 2020)

IDENTIFICATION Exhibition of the martyr President Saleh Al-Samad (Jul. 7, 2019)
burkan-2h--youtube Burkan-2H at min. 3:41
GEOLOCATION Yemeni resistance force fire Burkan-2H ballistic missile at Saudi Riyadh (May. 21, 2018) → Yemen (?)

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