Abrams M-12AS Tank


WEAPON NAME Abrams M-12AS Main Battle Tank

The Abrams Main Battle Tank is a full-tracked, low-profile, land combat assault weapon possessing a high degree of maneuverability. A 1,500-horsepower turbine engine, 120 mm main gun and special armor make the Abrams tank particularly lethal against heavy armor forces. With its manually loaded, 120mm M256 smooth bore cannon, the M1A2 can fire a variety of different rounds against armored vehicles, personnel and even low-flying aircraft. A heavy exterior armor provides protection to its crew of four. → gdls.com/M1A2


SOTAS Communication System (NL)

Sotas consists of a family of modular components that can be assembled and scaled to provide system configurations for all types of project (both for civil and military applications, and for all vehicle types and mission). Upgrades are performed with minimal impact on the existing installation to support the broad range of wheeled and tracked military tactical vehicles. → thalesgroup.com/sotas


Abrams M-12AS Tank: General Dynamics Land System, Sterling Heights, Michigan, US → gdls.com
SOTAS Communication System: Thales Group, Hengelo, NETHERLANDS → thalesgroup.com


Saudi Arabia requested to buy General Dynamics Land Systems-made M1A2S Abrams tanks and M88A1/A2 Heavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lift Evacuation System (Hercules) Armored Recovery Vehicles (ARV) in a foreign military sale worth approximately $1.15 billion, according to Defense Security Cooperation Agency. The kingdom's request includes up to 153 M1A1/A2 tanks for conversion to 133 M1A2S Saudi Abrams-configured main battle tanks, along with 20 replacements for vehicles damaged in battle. In addition to the vehicles, Saudi Arabia is requesting 153 M2 50 caliber machine guns, 266 7.62mm M240 machine guns and 153 smoke grenade launchers. (defensenews.com, Aug. 8, 2019)

The Netherlands has indicated that it wants to prevent Dutch weapons and weapon systems from being used in this war. But the delivery of SOTAS systems to Saudi Arabia continues. In 2016, the US sells 133 new Abrams tanks including the SOTAS system from Thales to Saudi Arabia. No arms export license is requested for the export of the communication system, because the system is no longer regarded as military. The Dutch government has 1% of shares in Thales Netherlands. (defenseone.com, Aug.9, 2016)

Arms Sales: → November 26th, 2012 → August 9th, 2016 → March 22nd, 2018

Transfer of Abrams M-1A2S Tank from United States to Saudi Arabia

M-1A2S Tank 2008 59 2011-2014 58 Second-hand rebuilt to M-1A2S
M-1A2S Tank 2009 314 2012-2017 314 Saudi M-1A1 rebuilt to M-1A2S version
M-1A2S Tank 2016 153 2018-2020 140

After the start of the Saudi Arabian intervention in Yemen during the 2015 Yemeni Civil War, Saudi Arabian M1A2 MBTs were deployed near the Saudi Arabian/Yemeni border. In August 2016, the U.S. approved a deal to sell up to 153 more Abrams tanks to Saudi Arabia, including 20 “battle damage replacements”, suggesting that some Saudi Arabian Abrams had been destroyed or severely damaged in combat in Yemen. (euarms.com)

IDENTIFICATION The Yemeni Houthis captured and burned the Saudi M1A2S Abrams tank in Jizan (Oct. 13, 2018)
Abrams-M-12AS-jizan-identification-youtube Abrams M-12AS at min. 10:13
GEOLOCATION Jizan Region, Saudi Arabia → 16°43’28.8”N 43°12’49.0”E
Abrams-M-12AS-jizan-geolocation-satellite Satellite Image, Apple Maps

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